Tuesday, July 14, 2015

On Fire excerpt

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The next thing I knew he ripped the shower curtain off the hooks, folded it around my body a few times, bent, and threw me over his shoulder. I squealed, feeling myself slipping as he stood. “I’m falling!” I tried to wiggle my arms free but he’d wrapped me up like a cocoon.

“Hold on!” He managed to bounce me back into position, and wrap his arms around my upper thighs. I felt my face flush, ever conscious of my size fourteen curves, although he didn’t seem to mind. I thanked God the shower curtain was red and not clear because my ass was close to his face.

“I can walk, damnit!”

He ignored me, and turned quickly to walk into my bedroom, through the smoke filled apartment, and toward the opened front door. We were almost there when I remembered Tootsie.

“Wait, my cat!” I began to squirm.

“My first priority if getting you out of here.”

His first priority? I was more confused than ever. “But she won’t come to you!”

We reached the door just as three firemen burst into the apartment. I glanced up from my undignified position long enough to take in that they were dressed in full uniform and weighted down by the various tools of their trade. One of them smiled at me and I lowered my head with a groan.

“What have we got?” One of them asked.

“Looks like an electrical, check the stove,” Dean replied, surprising me. “The fire is contained in the kitchen right now.” He moved around them and headed down the hallway. “Far as I can tell this is the only apartment affected.”

“What’s up with the fireman’s carry ?” Another firemen yelled out as we moved down the hallway. I could hear the amusement in his tone.

“Uncooperative female,” Dean responded, receiving loud guffaws in return.

“Dean!” I wanted to die of embarrassment. I could hear the shuffling and mumbling of my neighbors as they vacated their apartments and headed toward the stairs. “Where are you taking me?”

“Some place safe for the time being. Until we get your apartment fire under control and assess the damage.” He came to a door and opened it.

We? “Are you a fireman?”

“Yes ma’am.” He set me down on my feet. “I was returning from the mailbox when I noticed smoke coming out from beneath your door. I pulled the alarm and the rest you know.” He turned to leave.

“Wait a minute! You can’t leave me like this.”

His gaze moved down my curtain clad body. The only thing visible was my neck and wet head. If he left me and I fell to the floor I’d lay there like a helpless slug until his return. The corners of his mouth lifted, as if he was thinking something similar.

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