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Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop

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Kickass heroines! Sixty participating authors talking about their tough, spunky heroines who aren't afraid to stand up for what they want, or fight for their men. Each author is also giving away a prize so start hopping!

I don't care for weak heroines. If they start out weak, doormats as I've heard them referred as, they'd better turn into strong characters before the end of the story. Of all the heroines I've written it's kind of hard to choose because they all have those kickass qualities. If they fall, they get up.

My most recent heroine, Rachel is tough and independent. I mean, how many women would offer themselves as collateral to an outlaw motorcycle club to protect her sister? You can't read about Rachel until August 31st when Dark Menace MC comes out. There's a brief unedited excerpt below, from Rachel's point of view.

To set the scene, she's trussed up and hanging in the center of a soundproof interrogation room, being questioned by Stone and his brother Ripper after sneaking out of the club.

“Why are you so damn suspicious?” I was looking at Stone for the answer.

He shrugged. “I have to be, sweetheart. I trust no one but my brothers. If you had done things the right way we wouldn’t be having this little, ah, discussion. But your high tailing it out of here tells a different story.”

“That’s really sad, Stone.”

“Let’s cut to the chase,” he said in a hard tone. “If you went to your sister’s, I want to know why, and where is my truck?”

I closed my eyes. I was going to have to tell him about Wildman because nothing else would make sense, and besides, I couldn’t think right now. The headache I’d had earlier had never really gone away, and all I wanted to do was lie down in a dark room somewhere. I had to believe that Stone wouldn’t really let Ripper hurt me, because I’d convinced myself that something had clicked between us, but at the same time I didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances. I knew how he felt about the club.

I would tell him the truth, all of it, and hope my confession didn’t get me killed anyway. My eyes bolted open at the feel of a cold blade against my skin. I looked straight into the eyes of a killer. If I’d thought earlier that Ripper wouldn’t meet my eyes was because he didn’t want to do this I must have been mistaken.

“You won’t like the reason,” I said, pinning my gaze on Stone. “I did go to my sister, to warn her that she needed to leave town and not come back until she heard from me. I gave her the truck because I knew her car would never make the long mountainous trip to our dad’s place in New York. Also,” I hesitated at this because I knew once I said it there was no taking it back, and I would have to explain everything. “I knew that no one would be looking for her in a truck.”

“Who would be looking for her?”

Shit, I felt my eyes tear up. I shook my head for a moment, as if to say I couldn’t go on. An insane thought crossed my mind that I could tell Stone her husband, and make up some story about them breaking up and him threatening her. But I’d only be digging a deeper grave for myself because once Stone found out there was no telling what he would do. How bad didn’t he like liars? That stupid thought almost made me laugh out loud.

“Go on, honey,” Ripper encouraged. I gasped when I felt his knife slice through my tee-shirt.

I bit my bottom lip until I tasted blood. Not because he’d cut more of my shirt away, because I didn’t want to say the monster’s name. “What if I can’t tell you anything else?” I practically whispered. Ripper continued cutting my shirt off. I didn’t care. When he was finally at my back he gave a tug and then all I had on was my bra and jeans.

“Holy fuck!” he barked, and I closed my eyes as the tears ran down my cheeks. “Prez…”

I heard movement, light footfalls that told me Stone had moved away from the wall and was walking toward me. The shock in Ripper’s tone had apparently made him curious as to what caused his exclamation. I knew the ugliness Stone was about to see. Even after all these years the scars, though faded somewhat, revealed the torture I’d endured.

I heard Stone suck in his breath, and then, “Who the fuck did this to you?”

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What do you expect a kickass heroine to be good at?


Linda said...

Knowing what she wants, =) no wishy-washy whiny girly crap here =D
Happy Wednesday!

Debby said...

She should be able to take care of herself nad handle just about everything that comes her way.

laurie said...

she should know how to look out for herself nuff said

E.L. F. said...
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E.L. F. said...

Sorry, inevitably forget to leave my e-address....

Ending a fight to her benefit...whether through words or actions.

elewkf1 at yahoo dot com

Tory Richards said...

Clear to see we all like a strong heroine!

Jeanette Platt said...

She has to have her own mind and stand up for what she believe is right. She also has to know when to give a little to get a little :)

Thanks for the excerpt it sounds like there is a lot going on there and I wanted to keep reading.


bn100 said...

knowing what she wants

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Nana Prah said...

First of all I have to mention your super spicy blog. Nice.
I expect a heroine to be good at being herself. She's confident because she knows her strenghts and flaws and how to use them to her advantage.

araba44 @ hotmail . com

BookLady said...

I expect a heroine to be innovative, confident, intelligent, strong, and have a snarky sense of humor.

Anne said...

Her job, be it a regular job or as a mercenary type job.


KIM TALBOT said...

A kick ass heroine is a bad ass at everything she puts her mind to.


Vanessa N. said...

To be able to push through the pain and do her best to protect the people she cares about.