Thursday, June 11, 2015

Burning Hunger Excerpt

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“Let’s get something straight right now, lady. I call the shots. I don’t care if an hour goes by, when I tell you to stay put, you stay put. Got that?”

“Tell that to my bladder!” Val grew angrier at every word Chaz said. She didn’t see what the fuss was all about. Nothing had happened. “Why did you give me your gun if you don’t think I can protect myself? And did you forget that I know self-defense?”

He made a sound as if he was tired of hearing her say that. “Okay, lady, I’m the bad guy. Show me your moves.” His tone was laced with irritation. Val could tell he was annoyed and out to prove a point, and probably at her expense.

He removed his hands from her shoulders. Fueled by her own growing anger, Val instantly reached for the gun tucked inside her jeans. She got so far as to actually pull it free when a lightning move from Chaz and a painful chop from his hand, caused the gun to drop to the ground.


“Never pull a gun on someone unless you plan to use it,” he said roughly.

“I thought you wanted to see my moves,” Val hissed, rubbing her wrist.

“You wouldn’t normally have a gun,” he barked.

Oh! Her wrist hurt where he’d struck it. “Maybe I need to get one!” She raised her hands to gouge his eyes. He easily caught her wrists, stopping her, but Val was ready for him. She threw herself at him and raised her knee at the same time. With a curse, he twisted his lower body so that she grazed his beefy thigh instead.

Chaz laughed. “Predictable. Who the hell taught you these defense moves?” He twisted her arms behind her body. “You need to get your money back.”

Exasperation was getting the better of Val. She squirmed against his hard-as-a-brick-wall chest, thinking back to the self-defense DVD she’d studied a couple years before. They had made it look so easy. A particular move came to mind and she stomped her foot down onto his. Chaz didn’t release her as the attacker had released his victim on the DVD.

Deep laughter rumbled inside his chest. “Sandals against boots don’t work very well,” he said.

“Okay, let me go, damn you! You’ve made your point!” Val felt her lower lip tremble with emotion. She tried to pull away from his strong hold.

“Look, honey,” his tone softened, as though he sensed her sudden vulnerability.

Val found herself back against the building with her arms held down at her sides. Chaz used his body to restrain her.

“The DVD you watched was outdated, and not very realistic,” he stated simply.

“How did you know it was a DVD?” His face was a dark mask in front of her.

“I saw it in your collection by the TV and guessed. You have some good moves; unfortunately they don’t work on every attacker. And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m bigger than most.”

Oh, she’d noticed. Everything about Chaz was big. She was glad he couldn’t see the small smile covering her lips, because right now his cock was growing hard against her lower belly.

“My size alone would prevent you from doing any real damage.”

“I’m sure there’s something I can do that will bring you to your knees,” Val whispered.

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