Thursday, May 14, 2015


Did you miss my post yesterday at The Romance Studio Party? The Cowboy Way was FREE all day! I'm going to be offering up another ebook before the end of the party on 5/17. Let's see, which book will it be? The Mating Ritual? Wild Marauders MC? Bishop's Angel or one of the many others? I'll give you a little hint with the hot teaser below.

After hanging up Connor went to the open door, closed and locked it. A noise coming from his bedroom prompted him to go there. Serena might be stirring. He knew she would be frightened, and would probably have a lot of questions. How is she going to take the news that she’s my mate? Better yet, what was her reaction going to be when she found out he was a werewolf?

He halted in the doorway. The scent of her sex hit him in the face like a slap. Serena had kicked away the covers and lay writhing upon the bed, her naked body flushed and glistening. As her hands moved over her curves, she moaned as though in a high fever, only Connor knew it wasn’t that.

His blood grew hot, racing through his aroused body to his loins as he realized what was happening. Serena was in heat! A wolf’s heat. Her body was responding to his nearness, drawing out her primitive urge to fuck. Connor knew the only relief she could get was from his claiming her. Once his seed was inside her it would calm the beast, at least for a little while.

No wonder his body was charged for mating. He should have guessed it earlier. His attraction to Serena went above the normal. When a wolf’s mate went into heat, they fucked incessantly until it ended. He clenched his teeth until his jaw hurt.

His cock arched hungrily in his pajama bottoms, looking for a soft pussy to sink into. Connor sucked in his breath when her hand moved down her twisting body to the damp curls between her legs. Fuck! His heart slammed in his chest and he fought to keep the wolf at bay.

It was one battle he was going win, while losing another.

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