Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oh Hell No!

Today was a busy day for me, starting with a doctor's appointment where I learned I've lost 12 pounds. When I first entered the office I couldn't help but notice a handsome, tattooed up bad boy (in my mind) waiting to be called to the back. He was called about one minute before I was, yet I was still surprised to see him sitting in a chair right next to the (gasp!) scale, where he would have a great view of just how high that damn thing could go once I stepped onto it. Took one look at him and said, "Oh hell no! I'm not gettin' on that thing while he's sittin' there in that chair!"  


Cheryl S. said...

LMAO!!! I wouldn't have done it either 😉 I want to go to your doctor because there are no tattooed bad boys at mine. LOL

Tory Richards said...

Well, my doctor is also a sports doctor so he probably see all kinds of bad boys:)