Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Hometown

Some small towns seem to stay the same as progress moves on all around them. I'm from one of those towns, and though there have been a few changes over the years, they have been slow coming. China, Maine is still considered a small country town. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from there. A lot of my family still lives there. 

I wanted to share a few pictures of some places I am familiar with that haven't changed for as long as I can remember.

This is the China Post Office and though it might have received new paint and updated for people with disabilities, this small building has been the post office for as long as I can remember. I went into it the last time I was home and there was only one person running it.

This is China Baptist Church and it's still used today. It's located right across the street from China Lake, where Earl and I were married one summer. When my step-mom passed away my Dad donated a copper weather vane in her name. This little church has been in service for 213 years.

Town library. Used to be an old family house.
The town office. I was home one year taking care of my dad during his last months. Earl decided to surprise me by flying in to marry me. He stopped here for the marriage license.
This is the town fire rescue, which has always been voluntary. I can remember hearing over the scanner in my dad's kitchen when fire rescue was needed, they came out the morning I woke to find my dad had passed away in his chair. My cousin's son JR was the first one through the door and he came straight to me and hugged me while I cried. Will never forget that. I knew it had been hard for him, too, because he'd grown up around my dad.

The Landing. This place has been here forever! It used to be a tiny little place where you could get ice cream during the summer months only. Now they serve delicious food and ice cream and there are picnic tables where you can sit and look at China Lake.

The view from The Landing. In the distance across China Lake
 you can see the China Baptist Church

China Lake. When I was a kid the water was so clean. I can remember catching fish and ice skating there. These days I wouldn't go into the water without something on my feet, though.

Now I want to go home!


Michelle DeLeon said...

Looks like a nice place to grow up. I haven't been back to where I grew up in over 30 years, wonder what it looks like now.

Tory Richards said...

My heart has always been there because that's where most of my family is located. I wish I'd gone back so many times. I go home as often as I can, and hope to make it later this year for at least a month.

You never get homesick?