Sunday, March 8, 2015

Biker's Week at Daytona

Well, ladies, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven yesterday when I was out and about. Every time I turned around there were bikers, and I mean a lot of bikers, everywhere! Daytona Beach is just down the street from me and it dawned on me that it must be bikers week. I'll tell you this much, you can sure tell the hardcore bikers from the weekend warriors. It wasn't in just their appearances either, even riding their bikes the attitude was different.

Some of the differences I noticed while driving on I-4.

Hardcore bikers
no helmets or half helmets
bikes with ape hangers
skull caps
long hair
facial hair
mostly black bikes
tough looking
biker boots
travel in clusters
use hand signals

Weekend warriors 
huge helmets
vans transporting their bikes
bikes of color that look shiny and brand new
three wheeler bikes
helmets and jackets match
travel alone or with one or two other riders
use their turn signals

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