Monday, February 16, 2015

What's a climax?

Watching the grand kids today. Now that Alivia can read I have to be careful when I'm writing. She's so nosy! She thinks I don't know that she's trying to sneak a look when she sits next to me. Makes me think of a conversations we had one day after school last year.

"Grandma, what's an climax?"

After my mind went there, I think I went into shock because I couldn't talk for a couple minutes. I stared at her trying to figure out how to answer. I was just about to say this was a mommy and daddy question when I finally asked, "Where is this coming from?" I mean, what 7-year old asks what's an climax? 

She's said, "It's one of the questions on my homework. What does a climax mean when a story ends?"

Whew! I immediate calmed down.

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