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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Inner Voice

Yes, I have one, we all do. I never thought about it until I read a recent comment from someone who left a wonderful, 5-star review for Wild Marauders MC. In describing me, she said:

I’ve been fortunate over the past year to have quite a few times to “chat” with Tory and she is just the sweetest thing ever… confident, yet simultaneously questioning her writing and you expect these wonderfully sweet romances – right up to the point where you realize that Tory’s inner voice has a MOUTH on her! LOL! 

I can't argue with that because it's true. I like to believe that I am sweet. I know that I'm easy going, and it takes a lot to rile me. But when I'm writing stand back! I can't afford not to give my characters the freedom to speak their minds.

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