Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dark Menace MC

I'm still plugging away with my second erotic biker romance. As of yesterday I figure that I'm about halfway done. It probably won't be as long as Wild Marauders MC. Some of the characters you met in Wild Marauders are back in Dark Menace. Of course Stone and Rachel, the hero and heroine, are the key players.

Wildman, president of the Red Devils, is also back and has a much bigger role in my new book. There are some surprises, too, which you won't see coming until it's right on top of you. It really is true that your characters push you in the direction they want you to go. 

Will Wildman die in the end? That still remains to be seen. Below is a tiny teaser for Dark Menace.

unedited - Stone's POV
I stood, glaring down at the woman in my bed. Fuck. She looked too tempting, too primed for my dick. At the same time I knew that I had to get my shit together, because there was no fucking way I was going to give her that kind of 
power. Let a woman come to mean more than an easy fuck, let her come before the club, and I might as well turn in my president’s patch. In spite of my aching dick, I made my decision then that I’d take everything and anything Rachel wanted to give, but I’d be careful what I gave to her. I was used to holding myself back, it should be easy.

“You’ll work behind the bar again tonight.” I stripped my sweats off, and walked naked to the dresser. “I was going to take you shopping but something has come up.”

“Shopping for what?”

I pulled out a pair of clean jeans and slipped them on, turning back to Rachel as I zipped them up. She was leaning on her elbows. Her gaze shifted from what my hands were doing to my eyes. “You need sexier clothes for when you work the bar area.”

“Why? So I can get hit on even more?”

I gave her a thorough once over. “That goes with the job.”

“And does taking advantage of me also go with the job?” she fired back.

I reached for a shirt and closed the drawer. “How did I fuckin’ take advantage of you, sweetheart?”

Since my shirt was going over my head I couldn’t see her expression, but I could hear her huff of disbelief, and had a pretty good idea what was coming next.

“Last night?” My eyes met hers when my head popped through the opening. “And again this morning?”

I’m sure she didn’t appreciate my chuckle. “Baby, I didn’t hear the word ‘no’ leave those pretty lips of yours once.” I slipped on my cut. “And if you think about it, I was the one taken advantage of.” Ignoring her slack jaw I sat on the edge of the bed to put on my boots. “You didn’t hear me crying out in an orgasm this morning.”

“Fuck you!” she hissed.

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