Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wild Marauders MC Teaser!

Chapter 10

"Hey, baby."

Lynch, sitting on his motorcycle, looking all rugged and sexy in leather, was the first thing I saw when I pushed through the clinic door after my shift. We'd been texting regularly but I hadn't seen him in two days. Seeing him now, with a sexy smile on his face, made my heart race, and my panties wet. I walked straight to him, anticipating his kiss, and his touch.

I wasn’t disappointed.

"Hi—" He didn't let me finish, but grabbed me and pulled me in for a long, panty-melting kiss. A sharp curl of need uncoiled inside me, turning me all soft against him. I was aware of his smooth lips slanting over mine, the taste and texture of his tongue when I opened my mouth to let him inside. We both moaned, hungry for each other.

“I need to get my dick inside you,” he rasped once he pulled away. "Get on before I fuck you here in the parking lot."

"It's only been two days," I laughed, secretly glad he was taking me somewhere to have sex. I was eager to have his huge cock inside me again. Damn, one weekend with him had turned me into a greedy slut.

"Feels like two hundred." His no nonsense tone revealed his impatience, and that he was on edge. He revved his bike.

“Where are you taking me?” I soon found out that mounting a bike while wearing a short skirt was near to impossible. “Lynch,” I tried again but the material refused to cooperate.

He looked back. “Lift your damn skirt up, baby, and get the fuck on,” he ordered.

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