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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis, weed, grass, hemp, pot, and a thousand other names for it, but I've only heard of the six I've listed. That pretty much tells you I'm not a connoisseur of marijuana. In fact I've never tried it, but I'm hoping to. Not because I want to become a rebel at fifty-nine, but because it's supposed to help you. Not sure how though.

I know people who have used it and they swear by it. People who are in pain every day. Who have cancer. I remember a family member getting cancer at the age of thirteen, she had a 10% survival rate. God, she suffered so much. This was like thirty-five years ago and I can recall the doctors saying they were either going to kill her, or save her because of the amount of drugs they pumped into her.

The pain and suffering, the constant vomiting got to be too much for her so we made her 'special' brownies, which helped tremendously.

So, I'm all for legalizing pot in Florida. I'd give it a shot.

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