Friday, October 31, 2014

A Typical Day

Wait to be blown away, friends! I've been retired for three years so a lot has changed since I last did this. I'd like to think that someone out there cares but if not at least you have something new to read on my blog. So, what does a typical day look like for this author?

Up between 8-9
Make bed
Make coffee & feed the fish
Watch Kelly and Michael
Eat breakfast
Brush teeth and get a shower
Make dinner early so son-in-law can take some to work
Clean cat box
Get some computer time in 
Eat lunch
Watch grand kids when get home from school
Watch Dr. Phil
Watch Judge Judy
Eat dinner
Spend the rest of my evening on the computer
Bed between 1-2

That's about it in a nutshell. Exciting, huh? I get most of my writing done in the evenings once my daughter comes home. The TV is on in the background but unless it's The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, or something good on Syfy I don't pay attention to it. Lately though my son-in-law has been watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and if I happen to walk through the kitchen and see it's on then I get sucked right in. Next thing I know I'm sitting right next to him on the sofa, eyes glued to the TV. 

Admit're all jealous:)

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