Wednesday, September 24, 2014

See what I've been doing all day...

Below is an unedited excerpt of Wild Marauders MC from Lynch's POV, the story that never ends it seems. I spent a whole day writing a sex scene between Lynch and Kat, actually it turned into a whole chapter. I knew it was going to be exhausting, because Lynch isn't a slam, bam, thank you kind of man. I promise the book will be finished one day soon. I hope to get it out in December of this year. At least that's my goal.

WARNING: it's very dirty!

Before Kat bombarded me with questions and the other shit going through her mind I slammed my mouth down onto hers. I would tell her whatever she wanted to hear later. Right this second the only thing on my fucking mind was fucking her. I’d gone a week without sex before, hell, I’d gone months, but going a week without Kat wasn’t working for me. She’d been on my brain since I saw her sweet ass on the back of Lenny’s bike as they rode away from my house. Not being able to locate her for the week following had been fucking hell. 
I never wanted to go through that hell again. 
Her mouth was soft beneath mine, the sweetness within teasing my tongue to explore every fucking corner. I was still holding her arms above her head knowing that I could probably let her go, but hell, I was enjoying the rush of dominance in my blood that came with claiming a woman in the most raw and basic way. 
My woman. 
I was going to fucking own her. 
My cock was about to fucking explode in my pants, and dry humping Kat between her legs wasn’t helping. I needed inside her. On the way down her body I took a moment to squeeze and tweak her tit through the thin tee-shirt she was wearing, losing my fucking mind when she arched the hardened tip into my hand. I pinched her nipple roughly, and then lifted her shirt so I could take the abused bud into my mouth. I sucked on it hard, drawing the blood to the tip until it was red as a strawberry. 
“Lynch−” she cried when I shaped her tit to get some of it into my greedy mouth. Kat was so responsive, her body twisted and moved sensuously beneath mine begging for more. If she was on a dance floor doing these same moves on a stripper pole the men would storm the stage to have a piece of her. 
I locked my mouth around her tit and while I nibbled, sucked and tongued the pliant flesh my hand continued down her body to the waistband of her boy shorts. It was so fucking easy to slip beneath the elastic and inside, going straight to her swollen, pink pussy lips. I teased the seam open and slipped inside. Fuck! 
Swallowing her moans, I added another finger and began to move them in and out, making sure to glide over her sensitive clit. Each time I touched the tiny package of nerves Kat shuddered and strained against the hand holding her captive. I let go and she was like a fucking wildcat. Even with my cut on I could feel her nails dig into my back. Not good enough. I wanted them on my naked flesh, so I could feel her passion as it tore my flesh. 

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