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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Night Terrors

My little grandson Mason has night terrors. He'll be four in December. If you've never seen a child during an episode I'm telling you that it's frightening, and scary as hell. My grandkids often crawl into bed with me at sometime during the night. The first time Mason had a night terror I tried and failed to wake him, comfort him during the event. It only made him more frightened and violent. In doing research I realize now that you should just leave the child alone and they will come out of it by themselves.

Last night Mason had a terrible night terror that lasted about  five minutes. During that time he was crying out, Memaw, Memaw, which is what he calls me. That's the first time he's called for me as it's usually mommy and daddy. He thrashed around and cried out saying several times no, no, and I don't want to. I had to cover my ears because I just couldn't stand lying there and not comforting him. I wanted to cry.

The articles I've read says children usually outgrow night terrors and that they usually occur between four and twelve. Mason has been having them for at least a year already. It's so hard, and heart-breaking hearing him go through an episode.

I pray he outgrows them soon! He's such a sweet kid and he's always happy. Always smiling.

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