Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coming October First!


“What’s so funny?” he demanded to know. A quick look revealed Dammit was still smiling up at them.

“A two-hundred-pound man being held at bay by a little pooch, that’s funny.”

“These are new boots,” Matt pointed out, crossing his arms menacingly. “Is this the thanks I get for repairing your washing machine?”

“Are you trying to intimidate me…Sheriff? Maggie put her hands on her hips in response to him crossing his arms. She was aware the action caused her breasts to swell gently over the low top of her dress. “I’d be careful if I were you.” Her eyes dropped down to Dammit and back up again. “I think I’m the one with the upper hand for a change. Why, I bet I could get you to do just about anything I wanted right now.”

Matt growled threateningly but the light in his eyes told a different story. He was enjoying their playful banter as much as Maggie was. “You can try, baby, but don’t blame me if things get out of hand.”

Maggie’s heart did a flip-flop at the way he’d said baby. Her eyes locked onto his, the look in his gaze heating her blood. “And what might those things be?” Maggie inquired softly, her gaze dropping to his naked chest. She reached up to run her finger over him lightly. “I think I can handle anything that might get out of hand,” she teased, then threatened when he made a slight move, “You better not move a muscle, Sheriff, or you’re boots are history.”

“That sounds like a threat. I think I’m at an unfair disadvantage here.” His body was beginning to show signs of responding to her closeness. “You’re enjoying this,” he ground out. “I’m eager to see how far you’re willing to go.”

“Even if it means bringing you to your knees?” She brought her face closer to his chest and under his watchful scrutiny kissed him lightly. His skin smelled warm and musky, and faintly of the soap she’d used on him earlier. Determined to keep it light, she gently ran her open mouth back and forth over his flesh, losing a little bit of control when her lips brushed his nipple. Her heart jumped, butterflies settling low in her belly.

She couldn’t help herself. Her tongue came out, flicking over the hardened nub, over and over again. Maggie heard his gasp and glanced up, his eyes were glazed with desire. She was trembling inside as the situation began to spiral out of control at a rate she couldn’t keep up with. She liked touching Matt, kissing him. She liked the feel of his muscles quivering under the touch of her hands. And by the dark look on his flushed face, he liked it too.

“Ever been brought to your knees before, Sheriff?” she murmured in a seductively low tone. The desire in his darkening eyes promised Maggie both heaven and hell. And she wanted both.

She had no doubt she could bring him to his knees in a heartbeat.

“You do and I’m taking you with me,” he growled back, watching her finger continue to move over him. She ran a nail from his neck down the center of his chest, to where the triangle of crisp hair disappeared beneath his jeans. Below his belt was his impressive hard-on, pushing against his fly. She recalled all too clearly how good it felt being filled by his cock.

His eyes were bright with burning intensity. After the briefest hesitation her finger continued its downward journey, moving over his belt and slowly, brazenly, tracing the length of his straining zipper. He was big and powerful. They both caught their breath. Matt’s hands were dangling at his sides, clenched into tight fists. Dammit had taken off long ago and as far as she was concerned the game was over. 


Matt apparently felt the same way. He sucked in his breath, grabbing Maggie to him and slamming her body against his. Her startled cry was one of pleasure, not pain, and died beneath the onslaught of his hard, unyielding mouth. She welcomed his rough embrace, and matched the wildness in him. Passion for passion. The intensity of his need thrilled her and she wound her arms around his neck, clinging to him wantonly. Her full breasts were flattened against his bare chest and she opened her mouth to accept the stabbing thrust of his tongue.

Maggie moaned shamelessly. Flames of desire licked at her body as his hands began to travel over her curves, sending her into a whirlwind of sensations. She cried out when they moved from her shoulders down her back, to cup her buttocks, bringing her intimately closer to his burning arousal. All the while Matt thrust his hips against her until they were up against the wall.

Once there, Maggie found herself against the wall. Matt seemed careful not to crush her with his impatient need. His hand moved to the front of her bodice, quickly and expertly undoing the tiny buttons until enough were undone that he could part the material, baring the hidden bounty there. Maggie thought she would die when he stood back a moment to take her in, before tenderly running his palm over her breast as if in awe. His look made her feel beautiful, and desired.

Crying out, she arched into his caress, burying her hands in his hair and clutching him closer when he bent his head and began to nibble and kiss the exposed flesh. His tongue licked a path to the swollen, quivering peaks, driving Maggie a little crazy. She reached down to the belt buckle on his jeans, impatient with her own burning hunger. She wanted him. Now. “Mathew…” Her husky plea demanded everything. “Please…love me,” she begged.

His answer was an animal growl, his actions backing it up. Burying his hands once again in the soft flesh of her buttocks, he jerked her up against his hardness and held her there. Letting her feel his need, grinding himself against her. His nostrils flared with a sharp breath when she began moving her hips in response.

The breath rushed from his body in uncontrolled spurts. “Keep this up and I’ll come just like this…”

“I want you inside me when you come…” she insisted feverishly, trembling wildly against him. She kissed his neck and shoulder, running her tongue down his naked chest while her nails raked the bunched muscles of his back. She could feel something smooth and warm at the center of her womanhood, turning her bones to mush. Making her legs buckle.

She was primed for love and wished fiercely there weren’t any clothes between them. Maggie didn’t care if Matt lowered her to the floor and made love to her. She wanted him too much, and she thought she was getting her unasked for wish when all at once he lifted her into his strong arms.

Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his hips, not questioning where he was taking her. Not caring. She continued to caress his flesh with her hands and lips, seductively rubbing her naked breasts against him and purring like a contented kitten. While Matt moved through the kitchen he nibbled and suckled at the skin below her ear before traveling over the flesh of her neck.

“I’ll never make it upstairs to any bed,” Matt rasped, making it to the dining room table. He cleared it with a single sweep of his long arm, sending the doily and an empty wooden bowl to the floor.

Maggie didn’t have time to protest when he lowered her to the smooth dark surface, pulling her fanny to the very edge of it. The violent hunger in him matched hers, and protesting didn’t enter her mind when Matt moved her skirt aside and pulled her bikini panties from her before parting her legs in one fluid motion. Nor did she have time to feel vulnerable, exposed or embarrassed when he stared down at her nudity for a breathless moment before pressing forward.

He groaned deeply. Her arms reached for him, but he refused to give in to her silent demand. Even though it wasn’t the first time he’d seen her naked, how was he to know an unexpected shyness filled her, lying on her back partially exposed before his eyes?

For some reason, he wanted to prolong the final moment of possession. He gazed down at Maggie, his passion-glazed eyes staking a claim to everything they touched, before he kissed her hungrily. Maggie welcomed his hard kiss, welcomed the roughness of his touch as he finished unbuttoning her dress before pulling it down off her shoulders, tearing it in his haste to have her totally naked beneath him.

His fingers clenched into the soft flesh of her buttocks, kneading the flesh that filled his hands while grinding the shaft of his arousal against the folds of her femininity, teasingly at the gates.

Their moans of animal frustration and mutual satisfaction filled the silence about them. Her nails raked down his muscular back as she began to slip from reality into a world where nothing but the pleasure-filled moment mattered. She arched her body wildly into his but it wasn’t enough.

He surprised her by pulling away.

Originally published at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.

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