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Friday, August 15, 2014

Review for Touch Me Got Me to Thinking...

I have two interracial romances out right now and Touch Me recently received a nice 4-star review. Part of the review said,  "I don't remember the author ever mentioning their racial background. Don't get me wrong, it's well written and the characters are like able. Great sex scenes."  Do you have to mention the racial background? The cover clearly shows that the couple are interracial, and since this is the interracial version of Up in Flames, I did go through the story and make the necessary changes with regard to the heroine. It didn't amount to much, because even though the heroine in Up in Flames is white, the only thing in that version that indicates she's white, other than the cover, is her blond hair and eye color.

In Touch Me I changed it to black hair and brown eyes.

I've read several multicultural books. I don't recall the author going out of his/her way to state the racial background because I assumed if one of the characters on the cover is African American, Asian, Native American or any other race that that is the kind of hero or heroine in the story. 

Wouldn't you? I'm serious. I've never thought about it before. Maybe I take it for granted that readers will know when they pick up one of my stories that the cover pretty much explains the race of my main characters. 

Man, my brain hurts when I have to think! lol

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