Thursday, July 10, 2014

Excerpt for Kiss Me!

It was crazy but she wanted him to kiss her again. She wanted his hands on her…now. At that very moment. As she imagined what that would be like, she grew incredibly warm, her lips parting as she drew in a shaky breath. A tingling in her breasts was a warning her nipples were hardening. She thought she was doing a good job hiding her desire from him but the smoldering look in his eyes revealed she was only fooling herself. He surprised her by moving, closing the distance between them. Grasping her hand, he wordlessly pulled her with him off the stage as though he knew exactly where he was going, past several self-absorbed actors and down the dimly lit deserted hallway.

Where he was taking her didn’t matter. He opened the first door he came to, which turned out to be one of the dressing rooms, taking a quick peek inside to make sure it was empty. When he was satisfied it was, he pulled her inside and closed the door. Releasing an impatient sound that resembled a wounded animal, he pushed her against the door, following her there with his body. They came together like a raging storm. Elements battling for control as mouths clashed, tongues meshed, bodies melded in a firestorm of instant, uncontrollable passion. Mike’s hands were finally where Emma wanted them, starting with her throat and trailing a leisurely path of fire over her shoulders and down her arms, before falling to her hips and gliding back up her sides.

There was no hesitation in his sensuous touch when he continued the erotic journey to her breasts, which had swelled and were aching with need. Begging to be caressed. Her nipples peaked into hard little points, stabbing his palms as they smoothed over her breasts before cupping their full weight. She cried out beneath his demanding mouth, arching her body against him as overwhelming need coursed through her, matching his stormy ardor. When his thumbs grazed her sensitive nipples, a liquid heat rushed through her body in hot, dizzying waves.

She tore her mouth away to catch her breath, moaning with pleasure when Mike ran his open mouth along the side of her neck to her exposed collarbone, and lower still to the deep part of her blouse. She was certain she was going to go up in flames when his tongue dipped inside her cleavage, teasing and licking her ultra sensitive flesh until she was a mindless, quivering mass. Her knees buckled.

Oh my God!

“Mike,” she began, gasping for air, unsure of the wisdom of what they were doing.

“Don’t say anything,” he rasped, gently pulling her blouse down until her shoulders were revealed. “Just feel.” He planted fiery kisses along the smooth flesh he slowly exposed.

She was feeling! Way too much, too fast. She’d been dreaming of this moment, yearning for it. There was a spot actually throbbing between her thighs, a moist heat dampening her panties. Her limbs were trembling wildly and she clutched Mike’s shoulders to remain on her feet. Suddenly his hands were moving beneath her blouse and before she could murmur a protest, they were gliding slowly upward, bringing the material with them. Emma felt a cool draft against her midriff and then against her breasts.

Their eyes clashed, and then Mike lowered his gaze to take in the bounty he’d just bared. His low groan echoed through the small room as he bent his head, putting his open mouth on Emma. He took her naked breast in his mouth in an exquisite kiss that finished with a slow glide to the tip of her nipple. Once there, his tongue lazily circled the nub, lapping at it as if it was a tasty treat. Emma shivered deliciously, burying her hands in his hair and holding him to her. As his tongue stabbed at her flesh, she was painfully aware of his throbbing arousal. The strength and fullness of him made her bold.

Uncontrollable hunger forced her hand down his torso until she reached the top of his slacks. Taking a shaky breath, she hesitated, until passion overruled common sense and with a muffled cry of surrender she let her hand continue down the front of Mike’s zipper. She teasingly trailed her fingertips over his impressive hard on until her actions drove him wild. In a movement that bordered on savagery, he grabbed her probing hand and held it tightly against him, controlling the pressure while moving her palm up and down his cloaked shaft.

He shuddered in a moment of weakness. The metallic taste of blood filled Emma’s mouth as she bit down hard on her bottom lip, her eyes misting with deep emotion. A sob escaped her before she could swallow it. Mike’s head jerked back so he could meet her eyes, and then he was cursing sharply beneath his breath.

“Oh damn!” His fist pounded the door above her head, rattling the fragile old wood. “I didn’t mean for things to go this far.” He leaned his forehead against hers, panting for breath. “I only wanted to kiss you,” he explained, laughing in spite of himself. “Hell, you make me forget where I am and what I’m doing.”

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