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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meet Bishop and Angel

Hero and heroine from Bishop's Angel, and Lovers (book 5 of Serve and Submit) – releasing July first!

Meet Bishop  

1. He's a Navy SEAL
2. He's called Ripper by his team because of his expertise in using a knife to kill
3. He's been a SEAL for ten years
4. He falls hard for Angel, a kindergarten teacher, practically the first night they meet
5. He does NOT like yogurt unless he's eating it off Angel:)

Meet Angel

1. She's a kindergarten teacher
2. Her best friend is Bishop's sister, Diana
3. She loves yogurt
4. She likes to ride the mechanical bull at her favorite bar
5. She loves wild flowers and margaritas


1. They live in a small town in Maine called China
2. Barnie the cat belonged to Bishop for ten years before he gave it to his sister
3.Until Bishop meets Angel he always stayed away from sweet, hometown girls like her
4. Angel spends one month a year in North Carolina in the mountains with her friends
5. Due to the pictures and stories Diana shares with Angel about her brother Bishop, Angel is practically already in love with him by the time they meet for the first time

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