Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Parker's Passion!

Please welcome friend and fellow author Sabrina York! she's here today, talking about her new release. 


Kaitlin was nervous as all get out as she prepared for her date with Parker.

She couldn’t deny the niggle of dread that he might not show up. Though she understood why he’d missed their previous date, and for good reason, the remnants of her desolation still clung.

It was only dinner. There was no need for such angst, but she couldn’t stop herself.

It was a little scary, her feelings for him. How vulnerable he made her feel. And none of her usual tools for psychic self-protection worked. At least, not very well.

She suspected it was because, deep down, she didn’t want distance from him.

She didn’t want distance at all.

Parker rang the bell at six on the dot—Kaitlin suspected he’d been waiting in his car checking his watch. But then, she’d been hovering in the foyer. She didn’t whip the door open before the chime wafted away, but just barely.

He greeted her with a wide smile. A smile that made her heart flutter.

“Kaitlin.” He looked magnificent in slacks and a sport coat and a crisply-pressed linen shirt. His tie was sedate, classic, clearly one he wore to work. He held a small box in his hands.


“I, ah…” He nodded to the stained glass window in her front door—a confection of drooping purple wisteria. “I like your window.”

“Thank you.”

“Your house is nice.”

“Thank you. It was my aunt’s. She left it to me when she passed. It’s over a hundred years old.” It had been renovated many times and had all kinds of charming, quirky features. Like the window, and the little room beneath the stairs and—

“It’s nice.”

“Thank you.”

They stared at each other, wrapped in a sudden uneasy cloud.

She hadn’t dated much. Didn’t know what to do next. And it appeared he didn’t either. But then he thrust the box at her. “These are for you.”


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Gaele said...

Thank you for Hosting !

~ Gaele
Bippity Boppity Book

Sabrina York said...

TORY! Thanks so much for participating in the tour!! I appreciate your helping share the word about Parker's Passion!

pansypetal said...

I LOVED Parker's Passion! But then, I love Tryst Island, and Sabrina York! Aren't the graphics lovely?

Sabrina York said...

Thank you Pansy! So great to see you here!!!

Tory Richards said...

Anytime Gaele and Sabrina! My pleasure.