Saturday, May 24, 2014

Look for Party Time on 6/1

Little teaser...

“So you and Ray aren’t a couple?”

She hesitated as if she were considering her answer before saying, “Not exclusively.”

Not exclusively? “I saw the kiss you planted on him earlier.”

She shrugged. “Maybe we just like kissing.”

Her carefree remark made me angry. “What else do you like doing together?”

“What do you think, RJ? Ray’s your best friend, you should know.”

Yeah, I knew. It wouldn’t be the first time one of my ex-girlfriends had moved on to Ray. Ray liked his women quiet and petite, and he preferred red heads, not leggy blondes who weren’t afraid to say what was on their minds. Georgia was all that, and more. She was passionate in and out of the bed. The fact they weren’t exclusive sent up a red flag, but also told me that I wouldn’t be infringing if I were to make any moves on Georgia.

And there was one specific move I wanted to make.

I was growing hard against her, which was nothing new. She’d always had that affect over me, more than any other woman. As I looked down into her face, taking note of the natural color in her smooth cheeks and the fullness of her sexy bottom lip, I decided to give in to a need I’d never been able to control. I didn’t give her time to do anything other than accept my hard kiss.

Oh, sweet Jesus she tasted good. There were strawberries on her breath, and I got a better taste when I pushed my tongue into her warm, wet mouth. Her sweet moan of acceptance, and the way she melded against me turned my cock to stone-hard fucking mode. Georgia knew her little moans of pleasure got to me; she knew what it did to me to know that she was aroused. As our tongues explored, tasted, and battled vigorously, I lowered my hands to her sweet ass and pulled her sharply against my dick.

The music stopped, but we didn’t.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, hot blurb, can't wait for the book.

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Suzanne! Just finished the final edits and formats today:)