Sunday, April 20, 2014

I just got done reading a story that oh my God was so wrong in so many ways! It took me a half an hour to come up with some semi-positive remarks for the review. It already had 9 reviews, and a two star rating. I couldn't believe it was that bad, which is why I read it, but oh yes it was that bad!

With a couple of exceptions the story was well written (grammar and spelling), and the book cover was nice. But the plot sucked! It was about a workaholic scientist who gets kidnapped by a man who thinks she needs to get laid. They'd only met briefly twice, and she couldn't even remember his name until halfway through the story. Of course, during most of her captivity, which turned into a year, he kept her drugged, naked, bound, and blindfolded. 

There was absolutely no emotion between the two. No passion, not even when the man was teasing the scientist and she was left begging him to let her have an orgasm. He'd purposely leave her hanging. Eventually they do more, but again, I didn't feel any kind of emotion between them. It was cold.

By the end of the story she was calling him Sir, and he was training her to be his slave. Yeah, you heard me right. He did a few things that really turned me off. One was that she had to go pee in front of him, and he would wipe her because he kept her arms to her sides. Thank God the author never mentioned how she got cleaned when she went poop. And you know she did because she was held for a year! I felt that the hero was degrading her.

At the end of the year we find out that he'd kept her prisoner in some secret room inside the very building that she worked. Unbelievable! 


Cheryl S. said...

How do you write reviews for a book like this? I have read a couple books that I felt the same way about but had a VERY hard time writing a review.

Tory Richards said...

It was difficult because I didn't want to slam the story and then be labeled a bully. So I pointed out that it was well written with regard to grammar and spelling, the cover was very nice, and the plot had potential. I also encouraged the author to revise the story and maybe have a friend edit it. I only gave it 2 stars though.