Friday, March 14, 2014

Thank goodness!

I actually get to go out today and everything! I'm meeting a good friend for lunch and that means we'll probably sit and chat for a couple hours. I always look forward to getting with my friends. Rita and I worked together side by side at Disney for a few years. We left at the same time and we keep in touch by texting, skype, facebook and meeting up regularly. 

I found that when you retire from work it's just like graduating from high school. The same promises are made to keep in touch but the truth is everything changes. The people who are still working don't have the time to call or meet for lunch, they're busy with their families, and they make new office friends. After a while they become a nice memory, and you stop trying.

It's sad though, when you know someone for a long time, and you have a close relationship with them, that it ends in the end. 

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