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Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm so Disappointed

When you vent, you're usually angry. I'm over angry, moved on to fed up, and now I'm just disappointed. How do publishers think they're going to turn their authors into successful authors if they don't treat them the same, and give them the same benefits? 

I have several different publishers that I'm published with. Recently I discovered something that just doesn't sit right with me. I was happy when I found out that three of my ebooks are offered at Books A Million, by three of the 5 publishers I write for. So I went searching to see if the other two publishers just don't have their books listed on the site. But what I found is that all of their print books are listed, but none of their ebooks. Why? It's not as if  BAM doesn't list ebooks. So the only conclusion I could come to was that the publishers who listed their print books, just didn't take the time to list their ebooks. 

Am I wrong to question why? We're talking about e-publishers for authors who write ebooks. Most ebook authors don't always get their books into print because they're not long enough. I fully understand that.

I feel very let down by these publishers and I know if I write and ask them why I'll get a long-winded response that doesn't make sense. I'm usually very easy going and go with the flow but my sense of fairness is confused and sad. 

I take it back. I'm sure there's a logical explanation as to why they list their print books and not their ebooks.

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