Thursday, February 20, 2014

Four Stars for Burning Hunger!

Just Erotic Romance Reviews -

Burning Hunger is book three of the Evan’s Brothers Trilogy series. This short erotic romance takes place in Texas and can be read as a standalone. I didn’t feel any hanging threads though I am interested to discover what Chaz’s brothers are like, being triplets, and the women that tamed them. Val is an independent woman 
who likes to chill out and party from the stresses of her career as a lawyer. Having met Chaz through a friend of hers, who also happens to have married his brother, helps bind this duo and give credibility to their attraction that’s been simmering since the moment they met. This also leads to their steamy collision in the bedroom which is well written and makes their relationship feel more real as the events take place over a very short space. 

Burning Hunger was a fun read and I’ll definitely be looking up books one and two of this series, A Perfect Fit and Surrender to Desire.

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