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Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop

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We have a grand prize winner! The winner Is Valerie K over at Linda McLaughlin's blog, Flights-A-Fancy

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First Love

Hot autumn nights in the country. Two young teenagers meet under a secluded tree every night. They lay on a blanket, staring up at a sky littered with billions of bright, twinkling stars, and just talk. Nineteen year old Jack is a year older than Nikki. They'd only met that summer, as Nikki had flown home to spend some time with her father.

Each night they lay there longer than the night before. Laughing, learning about each other, growing closer, sometimes just listening to each other breathe, and to the quiet surrounding them. Neither want to leave the other, yet they have to part as it grows late, and they are expected home.

As the days go by, their time together beneath the huge maple tree grows more intimate, and special. Feelings blossom between them, and with it anticipation of things to come. Only their time together is coming to an end, and Nikki will have to fly back home to her mother, soon. 

Finally, one evening, Jack moves closer to Nikki. He leans over her and kisses her for the first time. It's soft, gentle, exploratory, as he tests her willingness. Butterflies dance in her stomach, yet she remains silent, nervous, almost afraid of what she's feeling. 
Something is happening between them. But the time to leave arrives, and Nikki reluctantly says goodbye. She cries all the way to the airport, thinking about Jack. 

Young love blossomed between two teenagers that autumn. 

The End


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