Wednesday, November 20, 2013

During most of my work career I was a morning person. And like most people, I had a set routine that I rarely deviated from. In bed by 8:00, up by 5:00, work by 7:00, except for my two days off a week. Those mornings I would sleep in until six or seven. I loved being up in the mornings, and getting to work early so I could leave early. It was always nice having some of my afternoons left to do whatever I wanted.

Now that I'm fully retired my routine has reversed to where I'm no longer a morning person. Many nights I don't get to bed until 1:00 o'clock or so, and I'll sleep until about eight or nine. If I do make it up earlier I'll take a nap. I've learned to love naps. As long as they're not too long. 

The best naps are when my grandson and I curl up on the sofa and take one together. Used to do that with his sister but she's in school now. Mason will be three in a couple weeks. He thinks he's too old for naps but when he gets quiet, and he brings out his blanket and gets up on the sofa next to me, I know what time it is. 

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