Monday, October 21, 2013

Ricky Watson

Bullying has been around forever. It's all over the news these days, and it's sad that young people are being driven to take their own lives. I'm glad to see that some of today's bullies are being held accountable, and actually going to jail for their actions. Unfortunately bullying is nothing new.

Forty-five plus years ago I was bullied in school. To this day I don't know why, or what I did to piss off  a boy so much that he focused on tormenting me for several years, beginning in the 6th grade. I'll never forget his name either, it was Ricky Watson. I'll never forget what he looked like, a tall, solid-built boy with huge blue eyes and blond hair. 

It wasn't so much the name calling as it was the physical aspect of his bullying. He would actually go out of his way to look for me, to punch me in the arm or pull my hair. He would follow me home from school, just to beat me up. One day I actually walked the opposite way after school let out, to avoid him, but eventually I had to go home. I can still remember how I dreaded that twenty-minute walk every day.

I recall one encounter where he caught up with me in my yard where I lived. My parents both worked so there was no help there. But I did finally tell my mother about him. The only thing I remember her saying was that if he didn't like me he wouldn't bother me. Somehow I doubted that.

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