Thursday, October 17, 2013

Please Welcome Friend and Fellow Erotic Romance Author Storm Chase!

Storm Chase: Writing The Cover Blurb

I’ve written 2 full-length novels and 5 novellas in the last year. My latest, Murder in Moscow, a contemporary romance of 67,000 words took me two months, writing over weekends, nights and stealing days from the middle of the week. Novellas are faster. I wrote The Gift: An Erotic Romance in Kiev,, some 37,000 words, over 6 consecutive weekends.

When inspiration strikes, I become totally obsessed with the story. It just won’t let me sit still until it’s on paper. I often write at night, sometimes I get up at 5AM to sneak a few hours in before the workday.

The bit that gets me though, is writing the back cover blurb. I can agonise for DAYS over writing just these few sentences!

Now I’ve come up with a formula that works for me – and hopefully, it will work for you.

Sentence 1: How the story starts.
Sentence 2: The plot premise.
Sentence 3: The hook.
Sentence 4: Summarises book keywords.

Let me show you the blurb for The Gift: An Erotic Romance in Kiev,

When Tony rescues three of Kiev's most notorious Mafiosi, he is showered with gifts, including Max, a Goth beauty with purple hair. At first determined to send her home, Tony quickly discovers they share a passion for clubbing and Scotch as well as a mutual horror of relationships. Is this a match made in heaven, or destined for disaster? A lighthearted romance with fully depicted love scenes.

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The Gift: An Erotic Romance in Kiev
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How to find Storm Chase

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Storm Chase said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to guest blog. Checking out your books now. Hugs, Storm

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