Friday, October 11, 2013

Excerpt for Someone to Love Me

“For both our sake, Charlie, I suggest you stop prodding and just stay away from me, please.”

He should heed his own warning. The close proximity of her body caused him to think about their kiss and what the shape of her breast felt like in his hand. The heat between them was building again. The anger surrounding them didn’t stop his body from responding to her allure. He inhaled her warm, tantalizing scent. An unexpected rush of lust caused his cock to harden. The desire to thrust against Charlie was rapidly weakening his reserve to remain strong.

He slipped an arm around her waist and he jerked her to him. A soft gasp of surprise, or was it desire, escaped her parted lips. Luke’s gaze dropped to her mouth and hunger like he’d never known engulfed his senses. His cock pounded behind his zipper, against Charlie’s soft belly and her slight response sent him over the edge.

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She should never have arched into him. He took it as an invitation and, with the precision of a hawk, he swooped down and took Charlie’s mouth. Her soft moan was barely heard over his rough hunger. Luke increased his pressure until she opened her mouth and he was able to slip his tongue inside.

The sweet taste of her warmth and eagerness was his undoing. Luke felt his control slipping away fast. He wanted to bury his cock inside her and fuck her until they were spent. The hunger of his body demanded he do it, but Luke knew if he gave in to the impulse there’d be no going back. Still, he was determined to kiss her as long as he could.

Only when he felt Charlie rub her lower body against his shaft like a hungry cat did he gently push her away.


“Running never solved anything, Luke.” Her glistening eyes fell to his mouth.

He swallowed hard, turning away from her. “You call it running, I call it survival.”

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