Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Character Interview with Val from Burning Hunger

Thought ya'll would enjoy a little insight into Val and Chaz revealed in Val's interview -  

So Val, word on the street is that you and Chaz Evans had a rocky start, care to share?
ValWord on the street? (She laughs) Well, the first time we met was at his brother and sister-in-law’s ranch. Marissa and I go way, back. Anyway, she was a few weeks shy of having their first child, and wanted to have a little get together in their new place before the baby arrived. Chaz and I were drawn to one another from the start, only we also recognized that we were both players. My problem was that I was instantly attracted to him, and not just my libido. It caught me so totally by surprise that I ignored him all evening.

Players? Why don’t you elaborate for the folks out there who might be unsure what you mean by that.
Val: I lived for the moment. I was a party-girl, enjoyed clubbing and meeting new men. If I took them home with me it was the first and last time. No strings attached, just a good time. In an effort to curtail that lifestyle, and to give my father hope that there would be grandchildren some day, I got engaged to Craig. We became exclusive, but that’s all that changed. We still spent our nights and weekends clubbing around. The minute I saw Chaz all that changed.

What happened?
Val: I guess you can say I changed my ways. I’d finally met a man I wanted to sleep with more than once. Someone I wanted to spend time with. I was slightly confused at my feelings, and fought him in the beginning. (She chuckles) I was determined not to like him, but the man was so charismatic, and sure of himself. When he touched me… I guess we both decided to grow up, and think about our futures. I think the turning point for Chaz was when his brothers found love and settled down.

How many brothers does Chaz have?
Val: Two, Beau and Blade. They’re triplets, three big, handsome Texans.

Identical? (Val shook her head confirming it) Oh, wow, interesting. What about you, Val, do you have any siblings?
Val: No. My mother got sick a couple years after I was born, and she stayed sick until she passed away. Dad never quite got over it, and he never remarried. So I guess that makes me the spoiled, only child.

I’m sorry to hear that, it must have been rough on you and him. So, what made you decide to become a lawyer?
Val: It’s in my blood. My dad, and two uncles are lawyers, so were my grandfather, and great grandfather. I’m the first woman in the family to follow in their footsteps.

Getting back to you, and Chaz, I understand you two made a big announcement on your wedding day.
Val: (she smiles) We thought since all our family and friends were there it was the perfect opportunity to announce that we were expecting. We’re having a girl.

Congratulations! But you’re not the only one in the family expecting a baby, are you. Isn’t Callie and Blade also expecting their first?
Val: Yes, they are, they're having a girl, too. Our delivery dates are only three days apart. So now there’s a big bet going on at which one of us goes first.

Well, I wish you the best, Val. Make sure you send me a picture when the baby gets here.
Val: I will.

Burning Hunger comes out on Sunday September 15th at Amazon and Smashwords!

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