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Monday, August 26, 2013


Just watched a snippet of the obscene dance Miley Cyrus preformed last night at the music awards. I missed the show but after hearing the buzz about Cyrus's dance I had to go take a look on YouTube. She can sing, she can dance, and she's beautiful, so why does she have to detract from all those pluses by acting so vulgar? It doesn't become her. 

She, like so many other performers that have gone down that road, after coming from a huge Disney background seem to rebel once they break away, and reach adulthood. My opinion, coming from Disney myself, is that they were so restricted during those years, in order to protect the Disney brand, that they don't know how to act once their contracts are over. They're re-discovering themselves by going to unflattering extremes. 


Allison H. said...

Hi Tory, today I saw a magazine cover with Jennifer Lawrence on it (from Hunger Games) and I thought: there is a lovely young woman whom older girls can look up to! Unfortnately for people like Miley, it seems even bad publicity is welcome. Why are young people in such a hurry to grow up? I try to remind my daughter to enjoy her childhood... adulthood is not as "freeing" as she might think.

Tory Richards said...

What is it they say about publicity? Any publicity is good publicity, and Cyrus seems to be eating it up. I guess her years with Disney didn't rub off on her in a positive way. Who knows, maybe they were so restrictive that she's getting it all out now. She's not doing herself any favors, though.