Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lovestruck Giveaway Hop

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My giveaway for this hop is a download of Someone to Love Me. Winner will be chosen after 11:59 PM August 20, 2013 and announced within 24-28 hours the latest. Rafflecopter to enter is below.

When Charlie’s plane goes down in a remote Alaskan wilderness she knows she’s in big trouble. She didn’t have time to radio in her position. It looks like her decision to surprise her parents on their wedding anniversary wasn’t such a good idea. Now lost and in freezing temperatures, her chances of survival look bleak.

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As Charlie heads out on foot, she faces a new danger when a white wolf appears. And right behind him is her salvation. A quiet mountain man with secrets, who takes her to his one-room cabin, where she finds herself stranded for the winter. To make matters worse, there’s an instant attraction between them they both try to resist.

Hard to do when she’s sleeping in his bed! Before long they give into a temptation stronger than their wills, and find survival, and the chance to love again, in each other’s arms.

Everyone wants to love, and be loved. This heart-warming story takes place between two broken-hearted souls who have each suffered through a tragic death that has left them lost and crippled. Trapped alone together for the cold winter, their proximity forces them to come to terms with their pasts, and seek deliverance in each other's arms. 


Luke stood quietly, staring down at his bed. 
He didn’t believe in fairy tales, yet there she was, Sleeping Beauty all rolled up in his blankets. And snoring softly. Charlie was on her side, all but her head hidden beneath the quilt, her nose turned up toward the opening. His mouth curved into a smile.

He was crazy crawling beneath the covers with her. He’d probably survive the night better sleeping out in a snowdrift in the buff. His attraction for her bordered on the edge of what he should do and what he wanted to do. For the hundredth time that 
evening, he berated himself for not stopping to think where she’d have to sleep when he’d invited Swanson to stay.

Luke knew either way he was going to pay the price. He didn’t want to feel anything for Charlie, but she’d managed to get under his skin without even half-trying. They were two tormented souls reaching out to one another, and Charlie was providing an easy way out of the dark void he’d built around himself. And she reminded him that he was a man of flesh-and-blood and wants.

He’d waited as long as he could before excusing himself and coming to bed, and not because he’d wanted to give Charlie enough time to fall asleep. Luke knew it was going to be a long night, realized, too, that he couldn’t put off the inevitable.

A heavy sigh escaped him as he reached for the edge of the covers and pulled them back. Charlie stirred slightly and moaned when the cold touched her warm body, reaching out blindly for the quilt in Luke’s hand. He quickly slid in next to her and brought the covers with him, clenching his teeth in agony when Charlie burrowed against him like a lazy cat seeking the warmth of his body.

Alarm bells went off when she tucked her fanny into the hollow of his body. He groaned low and counted to ten, then to twenty before deciding he could count to a million and it wouldn’t make any difference. He cursed his stupidity for even thinking he could lie next to Charlie and remain in control. It didn’t take long before his body began to respond to her.

An eternity slipped by as he lay there barely taking in air, listening to her soft breathing. His nose was in her hair and nothing could stop him from inhaling deeply. Her delicate fragrance sent his senses into overdrive. Everything about her captivated him and made him want her.

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joe hawk said...

Thanks for hosting the hop. joehawkshaw@yahoo.com

Tory Richards said...

You're welcome, Joe. Thanks for coming by!

Belinda G said...

My definition of a hero is one who gives of himself regardless of his own personal safety. He will go out of his way to protect the ones he loves or cares about. He is confident in himself and his abilities. I love an alpha male who embodies all these qualities.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Belinda G
belgre at Comcast dot net

Tory Richards said...

Hi Belinda, I'm go glad you made it by. Good luck with winning a prize, but most importantly have fun.

Eva Millien said...

Thanks for sharing the hop and the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com