Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good Sunday everyone! Haven't been online much this weekend due to that I'm kind of on a mini-vacation. I planned on getting some writing done, but find I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet of being holed up with my niece's four cats in her home. She's on a cruise. I'm cat-sitting this weekend. I'm also enjoying her nice big TV, and the bottle of wine she left me.

So you might be asking yourselves, if I'm watching her four cats then who is taking care of mine? My granddaughter is watching out for them. I know Jezzie is probably stressed with me not around, and she will let me know tomorrow when I get home. I think she suffers with a little separation anxiety. Woofy will just be glad to see me, and welcome me in his usual verbal way. Bear Cat could care less, and Gin Gin will roll onto her back and squirm around like a giant slug, vying for her share of attention.

It's nice to get away once in a while. 

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