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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ebook Prices

I recently read a short erotic romance that I picked up for free on Amazon. I left a review, and decided to check out the author's page. I was shocked to see what she'd listed her books for. She had a couple 16 and 18 page stories priced at $2.99, and a 48-page story at $6.99. My first thought was that they were way over-priced. If I had to pay $2.99 for the 18-page story I read, which by the way I wouldn't, I would have been furious. It wasn't worth it.

I price my short erotic romances at a fair price, I believe. A Perfect Fit is 84 pages and I put $1.49 on it, Up in Flames is 33 pages and priced at .99 when it's not free. So when I compare to the author above, I wonder how she's getting those prices. Would you pay $6.99 for a 48-page story? 


Rhonda D said...

I feel the same way. I have actually paid 2.99 for a 30 page book but only because the length of the book wasn't noted and it was listed as a novel. I was FURIOUS!

Allison H. said...

Hi Tory, I love that digital reading has introduced me to new authors that otherwise might not get published in traditional print. Unfortunately, I've also been "burned" more than once by paying for an ebook that was overpriced for it's length (and to add insult to injury, not a good read overall). Not even knowing the file size will help, as often the graphics/images take up lots of data space... However, when an author/publisher overprices their ebooks, what will happen is I/the customer will think twice and/or no longer consider purchasing their stories!

Tory Richards said...

LOL, a novel! I expect a novel to be a full length book with pages in the hundreds. Thirty pages hardly rates as a book.

Tory Richards said...

Very true, Allison. They hurt themselves, the readers, and other indie authors because it hurts their reputation.

I hope you left a review. And I wonder if you complained to wherever you purchased the so called novel that they'd refund you your money.