Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coming Up

BURNING HUNGER will be out on 9/15 so with this reminder I'm also giving you a little teaser of Chaz and Val's sex life. Remember, this is book #3 of the Evans brothers trilogy. All three books are stand alone romances.

Warning...unedited adult excerpt -

“Guess again, baby,” Chaz said against the back of her ear. “You might be safe from Crammer, but you’re definitely not safe from me.” With that he took the lobe of her ear inside his mouth, gently savaging it with his teeth. He seemed to know exactly how much pain to inflict before it turned into spine tingling pleasure.

A wild shiver traveled through Val, releasing the floodgates of warm desire between her legs. She moaned low in her weakened state. There was no way he could have missed it. His cock hadn’t missed it, reacting strongly against her bottom, and before she realized it she was thrusting back.

Chaz groaned low, his breathing picking up speed. His slid his arm from around Val’s waist, and then his hands were smoothing up her body until they were beneath her breasts. She strained against him, yearning for him to take the tingling mounds in his hands. Finally he was doing just that, weighing her breasts in his palms, and tweaking her nipples with just enough roughness that she felt her thong get soaked.

She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from crying out, the nightgown slipping to the floor. Chaz’s right hand abandoned her breast to glide down her body in a sensuous path that took her breath away, and took him to the top of her thong. Val’s breathing turned harsh as she willed him to complete his journey, and put her out of her misery. When he slipped beneath the triangle of cloth she was unprepared for the intense feeling of pleasure.

She gasped with desire.

He sucked in his breath, squeezing her gently.

Val’s head went back against Chaz’s chest as helplessness invaded her limbs, and she was certain she was going to go up in flames. His fingers toyed with the coarse hair covering her mound, twirling and tugging until finally, he slipped a long, thick finger inside.

“Yes!” God, did I say that out loud?

“Fuck, Val, you’re already wet for me,” Chaz murmured into her ear, sliding his finger in and out of her pussy in slow motion.

More than once he paused to explore her labia, and when he discovered her clit Val cried out, bringing her arms up, and wrapping them around his neck. It was either that or slink to the floor in a mindless puddle. He wrapped a hand around her breast, caressing it with rough desire, while his other hand continued to probe her aching loins. As his movements picked up speed, her body bowed sharply, as if an electrical current was holding her captive.

As Val strained toward an orgasm, she moved her hips against Chaz’s finger with wild abandon, and with one thought on her mind, she wanted to come. She needed to come. Please don’t let him talk! She prayed, as she moved closer to climaxing. For some reason, talking when she was nearing release always ruined it for her. It tore into her concentration like nothing else. Please don’t let him talk! 

“You have a sweet cunt, Val,” Chaz grated into her ear. “Next time I’m going to eat it.”

Oh! My!God! Val screamed inside her head, exploding. The combination of his hot breath against her ear, and his erotic comment, made her lose total control. She tripped over the finish line, and climaxed hard, convulsing as if she was possessed. With his finger buried deep inside her pussy she moved jerkily against him.

Chaz didn't give her time to come down from the wave she was riding. He flipped her around and kissed Val roughly, and passionately, forcing his tongue inside her mouth and mimicking what she wanted his cock to do to her. Feeling drained, and her body still pulsing from such as fierce orgasm, Val was thankful for his strong embrace.

As Chaz worked his mouth masterfully over hers, he was grinding his lower body against hers. Val wanted his cock inside her, had never needed anything more. She fumbled to undo his belt buckle, and then moved on to the snap and zipper. Once the zipper was lowered she didn’t waste any time delving inside, and grabbing his meaty shaft. It was monstrous, and it took careful effort to pull it free.

Chaz groaned and thrust into Val’s hands. Hot, thick, riddled with blood engorged veins, and dripping with pre-cum, she took her time exploring such a wondrous muscle. Each movement of her hand tore a deep growl from him. Reveling in her power, she pulled his cock between her thighs and worked the tip across her wet mound. They both trembled.

Chaz tore his mouth from hers, panting for breath. With blazing eyes, and nostrils flaring, he was the classic dominant male, getting ready to claim his mate. It excited Val to recognize such raw, unleashed passion, and know that she was the cause of it.

“Fuck, Val!” He scraped his teeth across the side of her neck, shuddering.

“Then do it!” she demanded through her teeth. “I need you inside me!”

Chaz picked her up and tossed her onto the bed.

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