Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

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Sneak Peek Sunday is where authors post 6 paragraphs of one of their books, or a work in progress. Today I'm posting from Cupid's Arrow, my bestseller debut novel from Whiskey Creek Press. It's a contemporary romance under Debbie Wallace. Enjoy!

Mike was getting a drink from the water cooler located
at the far end of the dugout when someone let out a low
wolf whistle, drawing his immediate attention. He glanced
up in time to see Emma making sure the buttons to her shirt
were done up, a gesture he was sure she wasn’t aware of
doing. His gaze then shot to Pete, a fellow teammate and
the culprit behind the whistle. There was no doubt it had
been meant for Emma. He looked as happy as a kid running
after an ice cream truck, his eyes dancing with harmless
admiration as he nodded at Mike in her direction.

Pete liked women in general so his lusty expression
wasn’t to be taken seriously. Still, Mike didn’t like the
implication behind it. His gaze returned to Emma, moving
over her lazily. He smiled when he saw her tug her shorts
down at the back of her thighs. It was obvious she was
uncomfortable as hell. She shouldn’t be; she had a nice body
and very nice legs. It was while his eyes were taking a
leisurely stroll back up to her face that Troy’s greeting
finally registered, causing his eyes to narrow on her.


His ears must be full of wax. That morning in her
house he thought she’d looked around thirty but the way
she was dressed now didn’t make her look old enough to be
the mom of anyone over five. Furthermore, Mike knew for
a fact she wasn’t Troy’s mom, which meant she had to be
Amanda’s. He didn’t believe it. If she was over thirty he’d
eat his hat. He looked long and hard at her face, seeing
nothing that proved she could be the mother of a twenty-year-
old. Nevertheless, he couldn’t deny the strong
resemblance between her and Amanda.

Suddenly Emma looked directly at him and his mouth
went dry, his pulse jumping erratically. The impact of those
dark, smoky eyes went right through him, catching him
unaware and sending his senses scrambling into overdrive.
Making him think about that morning in her house a week
ago, when they’d looked at him with such soft appeal. He
could still remember the disappointment he’d felt when he
got back to the station later that day to discover her story
had checked out. He’d wanted an excuse to return to her

He took note of her high cheekbones and the generous
fullness of a mouth that made him slightly hungry. A
delicately sculptured nose and softly rounded chin he’d
noticed the other day but hadn’t taken the time to truly
appreciate because of the situation, and lack of time.
Scrubbed free of makeup, she had the fresh, healthy
appearance of any Dove soap commercial model he’d seen
on TV. Strands of soft curling hair escaped the confines of
her loose ponytail, gently blowing against the slim column
of her neck.

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