Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not Everyone Can Write

I read a complete disaster yesterday. I'm not going to say who wrote it, but it was a short erotic romance that had so many issues that I couldn't find one nice thing to say about it. Well, okay, it had a nice cover. Unfortunately that alone will get readers to pick it up. 

I left a negative review, then thought twice about it and deleted it. I did, however, leave the one-star rating. It didn't surprise me that the story already had one star, what shocked me was that someone actually gave it a four. 

This story actually insulted me. It was a clear example of what is giving indie authors a bad name. I'd just read an article that slammed indie authors for the very examples I found in this book. Anyone can write and publish a book now, but if crap like what I saw yesterday inundates the market, readers aren't going to take a chance with indie authors for long. They'll go back to purchasing from publishers.

It  had no formatting of any kind, missing words, point of view problems, missing punctuation, misspelled words, obviously no editing was done, and a lot of it didn't even make sense. I had to wonder if it was written by a child. 

This author has five books out, and all have really nice covers. I can only imagine what's inside if they're as poorly written as the book I read. I really hope someone, a friend possibly, is honest with her to point out that she needs to attend some writing classes. 

I'm not perfect, no one is, but my goal is to put out the best product that I can. Especially with the stories I self-publish. I can only hope that I'm doing that.


Alexes Razevich said...

Very honest and brave of you to say this. I cannot count the number of indie books I've given up reading because of exactly the sorts of things you pointed out. I hate to say, "Just because you CAN publish a book doesn't mean you SHOULD," but sadly, it's true. I hate the days when I think, hmmm, some sort of gatekeepers might be a good idea. The bottom line is--every book like the one you describe hurts indie authors who are working hard to write good stories, listening to their critique partners, and hiring editors. Every book like the one you described hurts readers by wasting their time or, worse, lowering their expectations, or even worse, driving them away from indie authors completely. Thanks for saying this.

Tory Richards said...

You couldn't be more right, Alexes. Some self-publishing sites don't have guidelines or practicing standards put in place because they only care for one thing, the money they'll make, even if some of it is garbage. They claim to have standards about not publishing incest or bestiality stories, but I see more and more being published daily.

It's too bad, really.