Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last night my granddaughter came in to watch a little TV with me before bed. I have an antique sewing rocker in the corner of the room, which she has claimed as her chair, and she decided to move it closer to my chair so she could share my foot rest. So it's time for bed and she gets up and I say:

"Please don't forget to put the chair back where you got it."
"Okay," she says, and begins to drag it across the room toward the corner. 
Right next to the chair is a big mirror, so I say, "Be careful, don't hit the mirror."
She's still dragging the chair. "What about my foot?"
"Your foot?"
"Yeah, is my foot an option? Because I just hit it."

For some reason it struck my funny bone. I mean, she's only six! 

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