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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teeth Whitening

So, I decided to try and whiten my teeth. I've never had pearly white teeth, and from years of drinking coffee and tea, well you can imagine. Anyway, I purchased an intense whitening kit from Walmart. It's a two-step process that takes an hour. You sit for 25 minutes with the peroxide-filled gel covers over your teeth, rinse, and repeat for another 25 minutes. During that time you're not supposed to swallow which is nearly impossible. Anyone who's ever used peroxide knows that it foams up. So every couple of minutes you have to go and spit.

So I finish, expecting huge results, getting almost nothing instead. Probably my fault because I couldn't stand the foaming, uncomfortable, peroxide-filled covers for the full 25 minutes the second time. I will say my teeth feel squeaky clean, and my granddaughter says they do look a little whiter. However, my tongue is red and even though I rinsed, and rinsed my mouth, I'm still foaming up!

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