Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sex Toys in Pop Cullture

Sex and sex toys have moved from being taboo subjects to cultural norms. Decades ago everyone was hush hush about their bedroom antics, but recent studies show that 15 billion dollars are now spent every year on sex toys and 1 in 2 women now own a sex toy. So you can bet your money that if you don't own one, your friend certainly does. But sex toys have moved beyond the bedroom and now penetrate every angle of pop culture. You can find celebrities endorsing and creating their own toys. Literotica has exploded in the reading world and some celebrities even owe their stardom to scandulous sex tapes they have made. Let's explore how sex toys have affected pop culture.

TV and Film:
The Rabbit, an infamous vibrator shaped like a rabbit, can thank Sex and the City for its widespread popularity. SATC dedicated an entire episode to the power and effectiveness of the Rabbit and since then sales haven't looked back. The Rabbit is still the best selling vibrator on the market and that episode aired 14 years ago.

As for film, you can find movies like American Pie and The Ugly Truth celebrating sex toys. American Pie was a little unconventional, as they exploited an unsuspecting pie, but The Ugly Truth shows what can happen when you wear vibrating panties to a company dinner.

Celebrity Endorsements:
You knew it wouldn't take long for a Real Housewife to come up with some sort of sex toy or movie. My money was on Kim from Atlanta, but Kandi (also of Atlanta) beat her to it. She teamed up with OhMiBod and created an entire sex toy line, complete with lubes, vibes and lingerie.

Rhianna can always be found promoting sex. She is well-known for her song S&M, a song celebrating sadomasochism and is also frequently seen shopping for sex toys. While I can't always say that leads a good example, I think she does show that it's ok for women to enjoy sex.

At this point, who hasn't read or at the very least heard about Fifty Shades of Grey? The book that took the summer of 2012 by sexual storm has reportedly increased the sale of ropes and zip ties in hardware stores nationwide. Ben Wa Balls have also seen a spike in sales. Now all questions point to who will play Christian Grey in the movie?

Mimicking Pop Culture:
What is pop culture without remakes, knocks offs and spoofs? While you can always dress like your favorite celebrity, why not get intimate with them, too? I hate saying that the cast of Jersey Shore are celebrity status, but I guess they are, but you have to be to have a sex doll created after you. That's right, you can now pick up your very own Guido Sex Doll, complete with abs and a spray tan.

Finally, amateur film.
Where would Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton be without their sex tapes? It seems like a different celebrity has a naked photo or film leaked each month. Sometimes I think it must be for publicity, other times by accident, but either way, the Internet flocks to the evidence every time it happens.

While some celebrity involvement with sex toys can be a little strange, I think they have helped pave the way into making us a more sex positive culture. We can be more open about sexual satisfaction and STD prevention, which is pretty awesome. So if you're feeling frisky or just wanna be like your favorite celebrity, you should head over to Adam and Eve, where you can indulge in your own scandalous behavior!

Lauren Blain is a freelance writer and blog contributor. She writes on a range of topics mostly related to sex, pop culture, and women's health.