Monday, June 10, 2013

Please Help Settle a Debate

My daughter, niece and I have had this debate going on for some time, and I would like clarification. I recently purchased the long Kaftan. I like to wear them around the house, they are so comfortable! Both girls say they are moo moos, but I remember moo moos as the sleeveless short dress below. So what do you say? Are they both moo moos? I see a big difference myself.


Patty Woodland said...

Muumuus are traditionally short and brightly colored.

Kaftans are long and traditionally silk.

Holokus are what most people call muumuus - the long ones with ruffles also brightly colored.

It's the tradition from which the garment hails.

Tory Richards said...

That's what I thought Patty! But the girls laugh at me every time I slip into one of my Kaftans and say it's a moo moo. I wear it anyway, it's comfortable.

Leni said...

The top one is a Kaftan. Joan Rivers and Iman have their own fashion lines on television and their kaftans look like the top one.
The bottom one reminds me of a housecoat without the buttons down the middle.

Leanna said...

I would say they are both mumus. The first one can be worn out of the house if you accessorzi the second one is at home only.

ilona said...

Traditionally a Muumuu is a loose long dress and a Kaftan is a loose buttoned robe or overdress with long sleeves. Over the years both words changed to being used for any long loose gown worn for comfort around the house.

Tory Richards said...

Our argument is that I say the top one is the kaftan, and the girls call it a moo moo. I've seen little old ladies wearing the short, sleeveless one while shopping! I always thought it was like a nightgown type, and not something to wear outside the house.