Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dirty Birdies Flock Hop!

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Congratulations! Jean won the grand prize of $100.
Darlene Griffith wins a download of one of my books.

Let's talk about eye-candy! If you read romance then I think it's safe to say that we all know what we mean by that. No, it's not a Snicker's candy bar, or whatever sugar treat that satisfies your sweet tooth. We're talking hunks, ladies! Those men with the six-pack abs, rock hard pecks, tree trunk size thighs, and thick necks. They don't even have to be handsome. Those particular hero traits make them handsome in our eyes. Turn them into, yum, eye-candy! Because let's face it, when we see a picture of a half-naked God built like that, we ain't looking at his face:) Sometimes it's his actions that make him eye-candy...

Excerpt from The Mercenary Way

Sarah had no way of knowing how long she’d been asleep when she scooted back against the hard, and unyielding warmth at her backside. Then an arm came over her and a hand fell upon her breast. Warm air caressed the back of her neck and something hard poked persistently against her ass. Too numb with exhaustion to question it or where she was, she pressed back with a soft moan. When was the last time she’d awakened in the middle of the night to the feel of a hard-on against her? Too long, it seemed. 

Somehow they must have fallen asleep on the floor because whatever they were lying on was uncomfortably hard. Perhaps while watching TV. She felt a nose nuzzle the hair away from her neck and then a mouth on her, kissing its way up to the lobe of her ear. He took the lobe between his teeth and tugged on it gently. The hand on her breast squeezed, fingers tweaked her taut nipple, drawing another sigh of pleasure from her. The liveliness of his hard cock was driving her wild. Sarah began to squirm with hunger against him, straining with a need too complex to name. Her hand moved up to cover his,drawing his down her body to the fire building between her legs. 

A low groan revealed his reaction to her move. A hand clutched over Sarah’s mound and applied pressure. She began to tremble and arched against the pleasure of being touched. Eyes closed, her hips began to undulate into the intimate caress. Wet pleasure flooded her loins and fueled her longing. 

“There’s no way I’m going to fuck you in this tree and risk us falling out and breaking something.” He sank his teeth into her neck then kissed away the brief pain. 

Sarah didn’t care what he did. She just wanted to feel. She pushed her ass against his throbbing cock and was rewarded by his violent shudder. “I want to come,” she whispered into the darkness. “I need to come.” She shivered. “It’s been so long…voice drifted away as she drifted in and out of sleep. 

The hand caressing her crotch moved. She opened her mouth to protest when she realized it had just moved to the top of her pants. Then, with lazy slowness, the material was nudged away and a hand slipped beneath her panties. It slowly inched its way to her pussy. A long sigh of pleasure escaped Sarah when a finger parted her pussy lips, slipped over her throbbing clit, and slid in deep. She began to rock her hips. 

“That’s it, baby.” Sarah barely acknowledged the husky voice encouraging her to move. “I’m going to finger fuck you until you come.” Lips, teeth and tongue began to explore the exposed flesh above her T-shirt. “Damn you’re wet and hot down there.” 

Sarah was too weak to comment, focused on moving her hips against his finger. What he was doing felt so damn good and she felt a building orgasm race from all directions in her body toward her womb and the finger pleasuring her. Her breathing escalated, and as another finger entered her, he picked up speed. She noticed something else, too. He was grinding his cock against her ass, and groaning low. 

“Jesus I want to fuck you right now…” 

“Oh god…oh god…oh god…” Sarah lost all control when she climaxed. It was a powerful release that left her breathless and quivering wildly against Clint. The last thing she remembered, before the numbness of sleep claimed her, was his hand slowly withdrawing from her pants. 

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books4me said...

I like to see a chiseled, muscled chest when I look at eye candy.

GREAT excerpt!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Tory Richards said...

Yeah...with a little hair on it? Thanks!

bn100 said...


bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Jamie M said...

Eyes sexy back and strong hands

Debby said...

I like that fine chest with great abs.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Stacey P said...

eyes...hands...butt :) and everything else too! LOL

Vanessa N. said...

I love chiseled chest and abs. Thanks for the chance.


Jennifer Mathis said...

i love the washboard abs

meryvamp said...

I typically like bad boys, dark and mysterious. But occasionally, I have a thing for guys with glasses. Something to do with the smart and sexy look ;)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Emily said...

I like a well-put together guy. You know, not overly muscled up top, no bulgy thighs and thin shoulders. I like a well-proportioned guy. He doesn't have to be ripped or toned necessarily, just pleasing aesthetically.


H.B. said...

I like a nice toned body. If he happens to have abs well all the better but it's not necessary just someone who looks well proportioned.

humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

Darlene Griffith said...

I like a killer smile, a toned body with a little hair and that dimple in the small of the back that some guys have. *Sigh* and Yum! =)

magic5905 said...

Sounds good. Thanks for the chance.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

I love eyes. There so sexy and muscular arms. *sigh* lol Very fun hop! Lots of great books! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway!
FB: Shadow Kohler

Tory Richards said...

Okay folks, here are the winners to this blog hop.

Jean won the grand prize of $100.
Darlene Griffith wins a download of one of my books.

I hope you all had fun.