Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

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Sneak Peek Sunday is where authors post 6 paragraphs of something they've published or a work in progress. This week I've decided to post 6 paragraphs of Wicked Desire.

“Lady, you put on a good show but I’m not buying it. I’ve been a cop long enough to sense something’s going on. I don’t believe the bull you’re feeding me. Your show of bravado can land you in a lot of hot water.”

His warm breath slapped Maggie in the face and she lowered her arms, ignoring the impulse to push him away. He didn’t frighten her, not really. He’d just caught her unaware. David had taught her what physical abuse by a man’s hands was like. For a split second she’d felt unreasoning fear, until reminding herself this man was a cop. He was paid to protect people.

She let her guard down as a wave of relief washed over her. “Is this the best intimidation tactic you have?” Something warned Maggie she was playing with fire baiting him that way. But as usual she spoke before she thought. His eyes narrowed but Maggie held her ground. As the silence stretched between them she began to notice other things. Like how smooth and sensual his lips were, how sexy the five o’clock shadow made his firm jaw look. 

Waves of heat rolled off his too close body, enveloping her, making her sweat beneath the heavy robe she was wearing. Maggie felt it run down her neck and between her breasts. He was so close she was afraid to take a deep breath. Unwanted desire uncoiled in her belly and her nipples tingled, catching her by surprise. His intimidation was working all right but in ways she was certain he hadn’t intended. 

She couldn’t take the tension building between them any longer and blurted out the first thought that came to her mind. “Are you going to frisk me?” She smiled.

His brows rose at her remark, the slightest twitching on his lips indicated he was holding back his own smile. “What if I tell you I’m not a cop?” 


Christina Cole said...

Interesting! Loved that last line.

Tory Richards said...


Anonymous said...

Great chemistry and tension in that snippet. Nice job!

Tory Richards said...

Thanks rleesmith!

Anonymous said...

I like this snippet and I love the chemistry building up between these two. The only thing I would caution you on is in regards his opening dialogue. You've got three different sentences and three different cliches. You might want to think about parring that down, or finding ways to change the words around a little to keep them from being, in fact, cliches.

Tory Richards said...

Thanks pennyalley! I appreciate your comments about the cliches. I guess that's something my editor should have noticed. Have a great week!