Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

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What is Sneak Peek Sunday you wonder? It's where a group of us get together and post 6 paragraphs of a book we have out, or a current WIP. This week I'm posting 6 paragraphs of Bishop's Angel, which won't be out until July 15th!

unedited excerpt of my next release

Brooke let out another scream and slammed her hands against a massive chest, shoving him away from her as hard as she could. Her only thought was making it back upstairs to the safety of her room until the police arrived. But the second her palms landed on the man’s rock-hard chest she knew she was in trouble. He stumbled back but she had a feeling it was due more to her catching him by surprise than the force of her push.

She scooted around him but suddenly his hands were on her, and for a moment they struggled against each other. Brooke was hyped up on adrenaline, and a strong sense of survival, and she used her nails and teeth on the naked arms and powerful hands trying to subdue her. It gained her enough freedom to make it to the stairs but halfway up she found her ankle grabbed, she fell, and then she was pinned beneath a heavy weight.

“No!” she cried out, struggling wildly against him. But she was no match for his superior strength and the honed muscles she felt beneath her hands. In no time his hands had wrapped around her wrists, and she was pinned against the stairs.

“Who the hell are you?” he demanded, his face too close to hers.

“Who the hell are you?” Brook demanded right back, twisting beneath him. It was then she felt cool air in places that she shouldn’t. Reminding her that all she had on was a thin night-shirt and a pair of bikini panties. Going by the super hard pecks against her breasts revealed her shirt had come undone, too. An insane thought crossed her mind questioning why he wasn’t wearing a shirt. She wiggled wildly, unintentionally scraping her nipples across his flesh.

“Stop before you get hurt!” he growled. In an effort to subdue her he pressed his body against hers.


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