Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Calling in sick to work

They were talking about this on the Today Show yesterday, and the questions was, do you think it's okay to call in sick to work? Well, I'm here to tell you, YES! As long as you don't make a habit out of it, and you're not leaving a co-worker in the lurch. I rarely ever called in sick during my 40-year work history. In fact, 99.99% of the time when I did call in I wasn't sick at all. That's because I'm rarely ever sick. Usually the only time I called in was because I needed a mental stress day...away from work. We all need those.

Besides, it wasn't as if I was out there shopping or partying when I called in. I stayed home with the curtains drawn because I was afraid if I ventured out someone from work, on their day off, would see me. 

Have you ever called in to work sick when you weren't sick, and then got sick? 

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