Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Sneak Peek

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Sorry I'm late posting this. What is sneak peek Sunday? It's where authors post 6 paragraphs of a published work or WIP. This week, I thought I'd post 6 unedited paragraphs of Bishop's Angel, a WIP I'm just about finished with.

Adult Excerpt

He wants me? Why did that surprise her? She’d been thinking about him all night. Even in her dreams. There’d always been something about him that attracted her in the pictures Diana had shown her, and the stories she’d shared, but meeting him in person took her breath away. As soon as she’d realized who he was the night before she’d decided she wanted him. And he just opened the door.

Deciding actions speak louder than words Brooke reached up and wrapped her hand around the back of his thick neck. He showed no resistance as she pulled his head down until their lips touched. And that’s when Bishop lost control. Groaning low in his throat, he rolled on top of her and ground his mouth over hers. His passion fueled hers and opening her mouth, she invited his probing tongue inside.

It was their first lustful kiss, filled with more fire and emotion than Brooke had ever experienced before. Bishop thrust his hips into hers, letting her feel the full aroused power of his cock. What they were doing was crazy! But crazy had never felt so good! She parted her thighs and his lower body moved in between them as if they were pieces of a puzzle. A cry of pleasure escaped her when his cock brushed against the mound of her creaming, sensitive pussy.

Bishop kissed his way down her throat, and over her shoulders, moving the thin material of her nightshirt when it got in his way. Brook twisted and arched beneath him, unable to remain still as his warm mouth moved over her. She sensed an urgency about him, yet at the same time an inner battle not to give into it. As he continued to move down her body his hands took the edges of her shirt and tugged it open.

She gasped, trembling wildly when his lips caressed her breasts, ending with the tips in his mouth. He tongued and nipped at her nipples until Brooke couldn’t take it anymore. She raked her nails down his backside and inched her hands beneath the waistband of his boxers, taking hold of his taut, straining butt cheeks. He grunted, grinding his cock against the thin material covering over her mound.

Without warning Bishop reached down and tore Brooke’s panties from her. Then his hand was there, touching and exploring her as she bowed up into it, whimpering. A burning rush was working through her body. His mouth traveled down her ribcage and belly, and then his tongue was spearing her pussy like a battering ram. Going as deep as he could, manipulating her clit and pulling it inside his mouth like he was sucking on a nipple.

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