Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sneak Peek SundayLink

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Sneak Peek Sunday is where a group of authors post 6 paragraphs of either a published work or something they are currently working on (WIP). This week, since I have a new release coming out on Monday 4/15 at Smashwords, I thought I'd post 6 paragraphs of Surrender to Desire. Enjoy!

Blade Evans pulled his stallion Calypso in to a halt, searching the ground beneath them for signs that Satan had passed that way. The prized bull was getting ornery and independent these days, disappearing at will when the mood struck him. But at least he was predictable, Blade noticed, taking in the deep hoof prints left in the soft earth next to the watering hole. Raising his head, he squinted as he searched the horizon, seeing a small black spec in the distance. Yep, at least he was predictable.

Pulling on the reins sharply, Blade directed Calypso in the direction of the hilltop. Satan was beneath his favorite tree, standing poised as if he were telling the world he was king of the hill. He appeared to be daring anyone who got in the way, ready to back up that challenge with a twenty-five hundred pound body and the massive horns he wore like a crown on his head. In spite of the aggravation, a smile spread across Blade’s mouth as he nudged Calypso into a faster trot. He’d promised Marissa he’d get home in time for dinner for a change.

“Satan, you old devil, I’m getting damned tired of having to come looking for you,” Blade grumbled upon reaching the bull. “You keep this up and I’ll hang your hide on the wall in my bedroom.” The animal just glared at Blade as if he didn’t have a care in the world. And why should he worry? He was making the Evans’ Ranch a ton of money.

“Excuse me.”

Blade knew he wasn’t hearing angel’s voices but he glanced up all the same, because that seemed to be where the voice was coming from. His eyes widened with disbelief when they landed on a pair of sandaled feet. Attached to those sandals was a pair of the prettiest legs he’d seen in a long while. His eyes continued up, widening when they reached the bright red triangle covering her pussy. Then suddenly the sight was taken away from him when the woman dropped her long, gypsy style skirt. His gaze slid up the rest of her body, taking note of her full, curvy shape.

The flowing skirt she was wearing outlined her waist and generous hips. The peasant style blouse, hanging half off her shoulders, brought attention to her large breasts and cleavage. Hair the color of hay was piled haphazardly on top of her head. Caught by the slight breeze, loose strands moved against her forehead and neck. By the time his gaze took in her full lips and pretty brown eyes, his breathing had turned slightly uneven.

Christ! His body’s reaction to the unexpected situation caught him totally by surprise. The fact that he was responding so rapidly to her, a stranger, told Blade he’d been too long without a woman. Months. There just hadn’t been time. With his brother Chaz gone most of the time on company jobs, and his other brother Beau married and living on his own spread, someone had to stay home to run the family ranch. Evan’s Security had gone from a three-man operation to one-man, temporarily.


D'Ann said...

Interesting scene. I dislike when a hero pulls sharply on's a pet peeve of mine. Sorry!

Tory Richards said...

Thanks for coming by! I'm an animal lover so I understand your sentiments:)