Monday, April 1, 2013

Got hit by a stomach virus or the flu over the weekend and still feeling the effects. Had all the fun that goes with it, too. Haven't been sick like that in like, ten years. While I was working full time, too I might add. Now I'm retired and go out like, once a week and I get something. That's what I get for not sanitizing that one shopping cart on Friday.

Still, I made myself go out today and take care of some stuff. Had to give blood, that's always fun. Then bought myself a new recliner, and yes, I will take a picture of my old one and post it, as requested believe it or not by some readers. I will miss that old chair!

Also got a new mattress and some other stuff. Doing a little remodeling in my part of the house. The cats also got a new toy, which Jezzie claimed first as usual. 

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