Friday, March 29, 2013

Too much drama!

Oh my daughter cracked me up today. This is the scene that played out between us as we waited our turn behind a car at the bank. We were there to deposit a check into her account, from mine. Proof that growing up in a generation with computers and where everything is done online, isn't always a good thing. 

(me) "Did you make out a deposit slip?" 
(Michelle) "Deposit slip? She can do it (meaning the teller)."
(me) "No, you have to make it out."
(Michelle) "I don't have a deposit slip, I just have checks. Where do I get a deposit slip?"
(me) Here's where I begin to laugh. "There should be deposit slips at the back of your checks."
(Michelle) "I don't have anything like that, I just have checks." She flips through to the end of her checks. "Oh." 
(me) "Now you make it out and give it to the teller with the check. Just put down the amount you're depositing, what you're keeping, date it, and sign it because you're getting cash back."
(Michelle) She begins to fill the deposit slip out and gets frustrated, and impatient. "This is why I have direct deposit. This is too much drama. Here, you fill it out." She hands it to me.
(me) I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't fill it out either. 
(Michelle) She takes the slip and tosses it. "She can do it (meaning the teller again)." By now the car in front is gone and we pull up.

My daughter sends the check through and tells the teller she doesn't have a deposit slip and would she please fill one out for her. The teller, surprisingly, fills it out. In the meantime, Michelle notices the container filled with bank forms next to her and says, "What are these?" She picks one up. "Oh." They were deposit slips.

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